Personalized Science

Defy the “one size fits all” approach to personalized batch formulation, manufacturing, and delivery. Gain personalized formulation speed and cost efficiency without sacrificing accuracy and safety. Leverage Panacea’s patented highly-scalable, cloud-based software platform and modular robotic automation system to deliver faster, safer, more effective personalized products.


Reduce Adverse Events & Optimize Effectiveness

Using a consumer’s digital health data, including genomics and companion diagnostics – accessed securely on the cloud, Panacea’s platform gives you the power to analyze multi‐variable data to recommend the right ingredients, the right doses, and a safe combination that will be most likely to optimize products for individual customers’ needs.


Faster, More Efficient Formulation

With Panacea’s highly-scalable, cloud-based software platform and modular robotic automation system, you can make a 14 or 30-day supply of personalized poly therapy products, through high-quality, low-cost precision nutraceutical combinations – from a wide range of ingredients – exceptionally quickly.

Nutrition products are delivered in great-tasting, easy-to-swallow, single dose fruit puree packs – increasing your cost efficiencies, getting consumers on therapy faster, and reducing consumer pill burden. Consumers are more likely to comply with single, easy-to-swallow medication dosing, which may improve long-term adherence and therapy outcomes.

Create personalized products using Panacea’s proprietary formulation process or create mass customized products for small cohorts or segments.

Panacea’s cloud-based formulation software platform and automated robotic delivery system solves your personalized therapy challenges by enabling:


  • Robotic automation, processes, and controls for better Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) compliance
  • The ability to deliver the right nutrients, at the right dose, in the right combination for reduced adverse events
  • Long-term adherence with formulations of a wide range of active ingredients into a great-tasting, single dose fruit puree
  • Quality assurance processes with low human contamination risks
  • Faster and more economically scalable delivery of personalized therapies to large populations– without compromising the integrity of active ingredients
  • Mass customization of products to niche segments or small cohorts

Go beyond “one size fits all” formulations. Pave the future of personalized product formulation … together with Panacea.

White Labeling

Put your brand on it and make it your own! Add value to your personalized products and build consumer loyalty and trust by formulating and delivering your private labeled products through the Panacea platform. By offering your own brand of personalized products, you can enhance consumer engagement throughout the entire continuum of care.

Our cloud-based formulation platform makes it easy to formulate, develop, and deliver your private label products, each of which are based on your consumers’ unique digital profiles.


Step into the future of personalized manufacturing. Contact us today!

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