Company Joins Industry and Scientific Leaders in the Personalized Medicine Coalition

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, November 6th, 2017 – Panaceutics, Inc., a technology company serving the delivery of personalized medicine and clinical nutrition products direct to patients, today announced that it has joined the Personalized Medicine Coalition and has been invited to participate in the 13th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference on November 14th through 16th, hosted by Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

This year’s conference entitled “From Concept to the Clinic” perfectly captures the state of the personalized medicine industry which is now looking for ways to bring the large potential medical benefits arising from genomics, metabolomics, and advanced diagnostics to provide precision cures, manage chronic disease, and promote health and wellbeing.

Mark Montgomery, CEO of Panaceutics states “Panaceutics was founded on the belief that advanced genomic and data driven healthcare would revolutionize our understanding of disease and bring about more effective cures and management strategies for common diseases. While Panaceutics does not make a specific therapy, it is providing the tools, the picks and shovels to build this new highway of discovery, that doctors and clinicians will need to translate this new science into precision medications for large populations of patients.”

The company will present its products and technology to the world experts who attend this conference in Boston. The Company’s technical and management team will be present and available for in depth discussions with potential partners, researchers, and investors.


Panaceutics Inc. is a paradigm shifting technology company focused on precision automated manufacturing and software based formulation services for delivering personalized medicine and clinical nutrition to large populations. The Company is located in the heart of Research Triangle Park, NC. The founders Edison Hudson and L. Staton Noel III have combined their extensive backgrounds in robotics automation and in pharmaceutical development to create a disruptive system able to rapidly build N of 1 patient formulations on demand. This patented system manufactures “no pills” delivery forms that replace the need to take multiple pills daily. Their patented automation is ideal for combination therapy formulas, combining the right ingredients at the right dose for each individual. The first product format is made by titrating a formulation of active ingredients into a single‐serving gel daily packet that is pleasing to taste and easy to swallow. With the acquisition of a 503B FDA registered facility, the Company can now begin to offer pharmaceuticals in this format made to optimally match each patient’s needs as prescribed by their doctor. Panaceutics is committed to making products that are the highest

quality, personalized under strict cGMP quality control. The Company believes it is the only supplier of technology able to produce personalized therapeutics by a process that can be scaled to serve large populations of patients.

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