A Diverse Group of Experienced Healthcare Executives Join Panaceutics to Support Team

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, October 31st , 2017 Panaceutics’ recent appointment of specialty pharmaceutical industry veteran CEO, Mark Montgomery, is being complemented by a diversified group of scientists and industry experts. Mark has already been key to helping the Company recruit some of the top minds in pharmacy and in personalization either both as employees and to our Advisory Board. The following people have agreed to formal consulting agreements to provide the CEO, officers, and the Board with regular advice on technical, regulatory, and financial matters. The formal Advisory Board now includes these members:

  • David Beno, D., recently retired from the Abbott Laboratories, where he last was on their New Ventures team with responsibility for commercializing a wide range of high value consumer focused health products. He will advise on how to address the personalized clinical nutrition marketplace and other consumer products group partnerships.
  • Andrew Brynes, MBA – Managing Director, Healthcare & Technology Ventures at Loeb Enterprises. A former healthcare CFO, he helped create BlueCross BlueShield’s of North Carolina’s venture arm, His network of healthcare and venture contacts has become valuable to the company in its B Series fund raising round.
  • Katina Dorton, MBA, JD, is a leading financial advisor for companies ranging from start up to publicly listed She is an experienced healthcare and biotechnology company CFO. Formerly with Morgan Stanley and Needham Company where she raised more than $50 Billion managing 25 IIPO’s for healthcare clients, she has advised on the company’s financial model.
  • Christopher Holley MD PhD, Assistant Professor at Duke University School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Director, Cardiovascular RNA Biology Group Duke Cardiovascular Research Dr. Holley’s expertise in cardiology provides both a clinical and research perspective.
  • Michael Jay, D.‐ Is the Eshelman Distinguished Professor, UNC School of Pharmacy, Chair of Molecular Pharmaceutics. He has lead our Scientific Advisory group and advised on formulation processes and regulatory issues. His graduate team has conducted experiments and performed technical evaluations for the Company. He has filed several joint grant applications with the Company over the past two years, following up his own ideas that parallel Panaceutics concepts.
  • Rick Lawless, MBA, CPIP a biotech and pharmaceutical expert with the North Carolina State Biotechnology Center brings expertise in GMP manufacturing, quality systems, facility design, vaccine production, fermentation and His deep regulatory science background is part of the value advise he has given for several years, helping the Company its cGMP processes.
  • Joe McMahon, formerly CEO of KBI Pharmaceuticals, brings deep understanding of cGMP contract manufacturing, formulation and quality testing. He is assisting to develop a transformational plan for the Company’s 503B and 503A pharmacy facilities, products, and services, and on business strategy for pharmaceutical based

In addition to these formal Advisory Board members, the company has continued discussions with other medical and pharmaceutical industry experts, including Anthony Hickey, Ph.D., professor emeritus in the Division of Molecular Pharmaceutics at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, and also Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, Chief Operating Officer, New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill‐Cornell Medical Center.

These two gentlemen have offered their insights and support for the work of Panaceutics over the past several years, confirming and validating the direction and focus of the Company on methods and tools for personalization.

About Panaceutics Inc.

Panaceutics Inc. is a paradigm shifting technology company focused on precision automated manufacturing and software based formulation services for delivering personalized medicine and clinical nutrition to large populations. The Company is located in the heart of Research Triangle Park, NC. The founders Edison Hudson and L. Staton Noel III have combined their extensive backgrounds in robotics automation and in pharmaceutical development to create a disruptive system able to rapidly build N of 1 patient formulations on demand. This patented system manufactures “no pills” delivery forms that replace the need to take multiple pills daily. Their patented automation is ideal for combination therapy formulas, combining the right ingredients at the right dose for each individual. The Company’s first product format is made by titrating a formulation of active ingredients into a single‐serving gel daily packet that is pleasing to taste and easy to swallow. With the acquisition of a 503B FDA registered facility, the Company can now begin to offer pharmaceuticals in this format made to optimally match each patient’s needs as prescribed by their doctor. Panaceutics is committed to making products that are the highest quality, personalized under strict cGMP quality control. The Company believes it is the only supplier of technology able to produce personalized therapeutics by a process that can be scaled to serve large populations of patients.

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