Panacea Biomatx is based on a long-standing vision for merging pharmaceutical, robotics, and software innovations to automate the formulation and delivery of personalized products at high volumes – fast, safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Panacea is a development-stage company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The company was founded in 2013 by Edison T. Hudson, from Boston-based iRobot, Inc., and Lloyd Staton Noel III from GSK Pharmaceuticals and the Office of Innovation Commercialization at University of North Carolina (Greensboro).

Panacea has expanded its footprint through the acquisition of two North Carolina based nutrition and pharmaceutical focused companies, including Next Generation Snacks, Inc., a manufacturer of whole food products, and Triangle Compounding Pharmacy, Inc., an FDA Registered and Inspected 503B Outsourcing Facility.

The company is engaged in multiple development projects, which includes both personalized therapy development for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and clinical nutrition product development.

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