Personalized Healthcare Benefits For All

Preserving the Livelihood of Our Customers

The real benefit is increased affordability across therapeutic and nutraceutic industries and the easy compliance for end customers.

Reducing Risk By Increasing Compliance

Healthcare professionals can watch patient therapy compliance increase.  This streamlines the process and significantly reduces the risk.

New Advanced Manufacturing Process

The patent pending process allows for on-the-fly compounding of therapeutics.  This allows for individuals to customize their daily therapy packs a month at a time.

Chronic Disease Costs Are Crushing Healthcare

Chronic diseases are crushing healthcare. The average older adult has 6.5 chronic conditions which are currently managed with multiple drug regimens leading to poly-pharmacy. This results in a “pill-burden” reducing patient adherence and increases the risk for adverse drug reaction (ADRs).  This ultimately reduces the effectiveness of treatment and increases the chances of re-hospitalization.

Additionally, the cost associated with the increased risk of ADR’s has been estimated to be $136B yearly and results in 1 out of 5 deaths per year to patients and the cost of non-adherence is estimated to exceed $375B annually.  Panaceutics approach provides patients and practitoners with a simplified approach to unify their therapeutic protocol into an single serve product leading to improved patient compliances and improved medical outcomes.

Disruptive Paradigm Shift

Panaceutics’ products are made using patent pending automation, a proprietary base for often hard to combine ingredients, and a proprietary software application designed to quickly and easily manufacture formulations efficiently for an individual.

Automation is the key to cost-effective fulfillment. Current approaches typically used in compound pharmacies today for blending food and various compounds cannot cost effectively scale to meet this need. For example, a typical compounding pharmacy can usually handle ten or fewer customized orders a day. Panaceutics automation platform can produce ten customized orders in under 30 minutes. Each patient’s formula is accurately blended in microgram to gram amounts from concentrated cartridges of ingredients.


Meet the Team

Executive Team The Company has an outstanding executive team in place, some currently part- time, and committed to full time positions as the business ramps in 2016. This team includes several executives who have seen companies from start-up to exits including IPO’s. Nutritional and pharmaceutical experts, biochemists, software experts, engineers, and experienced operational managers are part of the team and of an advisory board to the Board and Executive team. The day to day management includes the following key professionals.

Edison Hudson

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Formerly Senior Director at iRobot Corp, and founder of five technology companies with three successful exits and two IPOs. Holds 25+ patents and has developed and installed high-speed automation for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Federal level patent expert witness trial experience. Morehead Scholar UNC, Duke (MBA), Oxford –UK (Engineering Sciences)

L. Staton Noel III

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

MS in Gerontology, MBA. Biochemist with over 20 years at GSK in drug discovery, pharmacology, and biotechnology. Multiple peer reviewed publications. Experienced in managing and licensing IP, he has been a Director of Technology Transfer within the University of North Carolina system.

Andrew Schwab, PhD

Chief Operations Officer

A successful entrepreneur with 20+yrs experience building successful technology startups with several exits. He has served on numerous boards and mentored many companies as President of First Flight Venture Center.


Executive Staff

Danny Barnes, PharmD, RPH

Chief Pharmacy Officer

Owner and operator of TCP. TCP was NC’s first FDA registered 503B Outsourcing Facility specializing in high-risk sterile compounding, clinical trials, and personalized medications.

Ray Szafranski Jr., CPA, CMA

Vice President of Finance

6 years Glaxo accounting, Director Finance for Tecan US Inc laboratory robotics supplier, audit/tax, past KPMG, Notre Dame Accounting BS, Duke MBA




Edison Thurman Hudson, Jr.

(See Bio Above)

Lloyd Staton Noel

(See Bio Above)

Thomas Roberg

Chairman, BioMarck Pharmaceuticals

Mark Montgomery

President and CEO of Axium Healthcare.  Former VP of CVS/Caremark.

Michael Olander

CEO, O2 Fitness and MDO Ventures




Danny Barnes

PharmD of Triangle Compounding Pharmacy

Deon Joubert

Executive General Manager (Corporate Advisory) at Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing

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