Partnership to plan studies of personalized, combinatorial cardiovascular therapies
with Florida Hospital’s Cardiovascular Institute

ORLANDO, Fla. – MAY 24, 2017 – Florida Hospital’s Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) today announced that they are partnering with Panaceutics, a personalized medicine and clinical nutrition company, to explore an innovative solution to the ever-increasing problem of medication adherence, focusing on patients with cardiovascular disease. This initial agreement will include Florida Hospital Research Institute concept development for clinical testing and trials at the Cardiovascular Institute located within Florida Hospital’s Health Village, a health care and life sciences innovation district located on 172 acres near downtown Orlando.

“Panaceutics offers an innovative approach to helping us further our goal of improving medicine adherence,” said Dr. Duane Davis, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Florida Hospital. “What the company is doing is in alignment with our mission to rethink and enhance the experience for our cardiovascular patients, and we’re confident that our patient diversity offers the ideal setting for clinical testing and research. Our desire in partnering with Panaceutics is to diminish costs and boost adherence rates, while offering a more personalized product for patients.”

The partnership was spearheaded by the Alliance & Innovation eXchange, a progressive division within Florida Hospital, which actively works internally to identify solutions to challenges within its healthcare ecosystem, as well as forge alliances with companies across the world whose strategies align with Florida Hospital’s vision to transform healthcare for patients and the community.

Panaceutics, founded in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina by Edison Hudson, a robot scientist turned food entrepreneur, has developed customized nutritional combinations to replace multiple pill regimens, and is now developing stable combinatorial suspensions of approved pharmaceuticals. Its mission is to provide personalized automation and related software services that support an increased range of therapies, with the understanding that people are very different genetically and metabolically so there is a clear case for personalization based on profile data and medical condition.

“This agreement is a key step toward developing and designing the studies necessary to advance our vision of personalized, combination pill-free suspensions to treat cardiovascular disease,” said Edison Hudson, Chief Executive Officer of Panaceutics. “The world-renowned expertise and results of the researchers and physicians of the Cardiovascular Institute of Florida Hospital are second to none and will be a valuable extension of our product development program.”

Currently, Panaceutics delivers personalized monthly subscriptions of “pill-free” suspensions combining up to 20 active micro-nutrients in puree-filled pouches that are a convenient way to take individualized formulas of clinical nutrition and pharmacy-grade dietary supplements. In several market trials, this delivery form has been found to be favored by a large majority over taking multiple pills. Cloud-based software is used to choose the right ingredients and dosage for an individual, and the formula is then sent to Panaceutics’ proprietary robotic system that builds a 30-day supply in less than four minutes under cGMP quality rules. In addition, with Panaceutics’ recent acquisition of Triangle Compounding Pharmacy, a 503B Outsourcing Facility, the company plans to leverage that facility’s expertise and several medical team partners to apply this proprietary technology.

“This agreement is an example of the type of partnership we seek to have with other life-sciences companies located throughout the world,” added Jan Moysey, Director, Florida Hospital Alliance and Innovation Development. “Enhancing the patient experience through collaboration, technology and research is at the core of what we strive to do within the hospital system and with our various partners. Our Panaceutics agreement is an important step in advancing Florida Hospital’s mission to find innovative solutions to pressing health-care challenges.”

One of the leading centers of excellence in the nation when it comes to cardiovascular health issues, the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute is among the largest centers in the United States. The innovative 15-story Ginsburg Tower is located within Florida Hospital’s Health Village, a health care and life sciences innovation district located on 172 acres near downtown Orlando. Health Village provides access to a unique set of assets that aim to provide support, growth, and innovation opportunities for all businesses. It is designed to create a total healing atmosphere that reduces stress, replenishes the spirit, and focuses on healing the patient through mind, body and spirit.
Panacea is the trademark of Panacea BioMatx Inc., a paradigm shifting nutritional company located in the heart of Research Triangle Park, NC. The founders Edison Hudson and L. Staton Noel III have combined their extensive backgrounds in pharmaceuticals and automation to create a disruptive system. This patented system can replace the need for a person to take multiple pills daily, combining all their active ingredients into a single-serving packet blended with good tasting gel fillers. Customers may choose from a selection of flavors for their final product to make this a truly personalized experience. One good-tasting pouch versus bottles of pills. Panaceutics is committed to making products that are pure, powerful and personalized under strict cGMP quality control.

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