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Our technology simplifies mass customization and makes personalized products a reality in process and batch manufacturing industries such as food, CPG, beverage, nutrition products, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other human and animal health products.

As an example, we have licensed our technologies to Panaceutics, a company manufacturing branded and white label nutrition products.

Solutions we offer

We offer our proprietary formulation and robotic automation capabilities for mass customization and product personalization to our customers and partners through three options:

  1. Licensing the technology.  Our customers and partners in batch and process manufacturing industries can license our technology and implement our solutions in their facilities to make mass customization and product personalization a reality.
  2. Small batch, white label production.  We partner with our customers to create products for small segments or personalized products with your brand.
  3. Develop, test and pilot small batch or personalized products.  Panacea works with our clients as an extension of their R&D staff to design and create small batch products for testing or validation quickly and effectively.

If your team seeks to extend an existing product line, create affordable mass customization offerings or extend the power of personalization to your customers, contact us to learn more about our proprietary capabilities and how we can work with you.

Panaceutics’ cloud-based formulation software platform and automated robotic delivery system solves your  personalized formulation challenges by enabling:


  • Quick delivery of vitamins, nutraceuticals, fish oils and herbs – personalized for the unique needs of each consumer
  • Long-term adherence with formulations of many active ingredients into a great-tasting, single dose fruit puree
  • Robotic automation, processes, and controls that support Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) compliance
  • Faster and more economically scalable delivery of personalized products to small and large populations without compromising the integrity of active ingredients
  • Tailored combinations and dosing to reduce supplement interactions and adverse events
  • Companion diagnostics to select optimal nutritional supplement combinations
  • Variable dosing to consumer’s metabolic rate
  • Enhanced effectiveness based on an individual’s digital profile
  • Quality assurance processes with low human contamination risks

Step into the future of personalized manufacturing. Contact us today!

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